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Welcome to the Official Website of the Office of the Regulator. We hope that it will become a valuable medium through which information on the telecommunications sector in Samoa can be shared. We would welcome and appreciate any comments and suggestions to increase its usefulness. The objective of the Office of the Regulator is to establish a fair and unbiased regulatory and licensing environment to foster national and international investment in telecommunications services in Samoa. The Office is also responsible for protecting the interests of end-users of telecommunications services by ensuring fair and equitable competition in all areas of the telecommunications market. The Office is guided by the objectives of the statutory framework contained in section 3 of the Telecommunications Act 2005 and the Broadcasting Act 2010.

Talofa lava ma afio mai ai le Sooatulau Faapitoa a le Ofisa o le Pule Faatonu. O le faamoemoe ina ia avea lenei Sooatulau Faapitoa ma se tasi o aualataua e faasoa ai i mataupu tau feso'otaiga televavave fa'aneionapo i Samoa. O le faamoemoe o le Ofisa o le Pule Faatonu ia iai se auivi lelei e lima taitaina ai le faia o galuega tau faatonutonu a le Ofisa. E aofiaai le iai ona faiatalafeaga imo le laiseneina o auaunaga o fesootaigai se auala e pitoisilionalelei ma le faaituau. E aofoionafaatauaina le mamalu o le atunuu o ilatou o lo o faaaogaina nei auaunaga. Ma o lo o limataitaiina lenei ofisa e Tulafono e tolu e aofiaai le Tulafono O Fesootaiga o le 2005, Tulafono O faasalalauga o le 2010.

Functions & Responsibilities

The Office of the Regulator is required to carry out the following key responsibilities:

  • License telecommunications and broadcasting services
  • Manage and license radio spectrum usage
  • Administer the national numbering plan
  • Manage competition in telecommunications sector
  • Provide consumer protection services
  • Approve equipment type
  • Resolve telecommunications disputes
  • Promote telecommunications market development

Further responsibilities, functions and powers of the Regulator are stated in the Telecommunications Act 2005 as ammended, Broadcasting Act 2010 and Postal Act 2010.OUR VISION “A society where all consumers experience the benefits of well functioning ICT services and markets” OUR MISSION“To look after the best interests of consumers in the ICT sector through the promotion of competition and effective regulations" OUR MANDATE "The Office of the Regulator’s mandate is set out in Section 3 of the Telecommunications Act 2005, Section 3 of the Broadcasting Act 2010, and Section 3of Postal Services Act 2010. These include:

  • facilitating the development for the telecom and broadcasting sectors;
  • promoting universal access to telecom and broadcasting services
  • promoting efficient and reliable provision of telecom and broadcasting services
  • promoting the introduction of advanced and innovative ICT
  • encouraging the sustainable investment in the telecom and broadcasting sectors
  • establishing a framework for controlling anti-competitive conduct in the telecom and broadcasting sectors
  • promoting efficient interconnection arrangements
  • protecting the interests of customers of telecom and broadcasting services
  • defining and clarifying the institutional framework for policy development for regulation of the telecom and broadcasting sectors
  • promoting efficient management and use of radio spectrum
  • establishing a fair, objective and transparent licensing regime
  • establishing an efficient approval regime for telecom and broadcasting equipment
  • establishing measures to enforce the implementation of the Acts and to prohibit certain types of conduct contrary to the orderly development and regulation of the telecom and broadcasting sectors
  • protect the public from any physical harm that might be caused by a broadcasting facility; and
  • establish an effective legal and regulatory framework to ensure postal industry operates in a competitive, accessible, efficient and affordable environment of Samoa.


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Office of the Regulator
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