Unutoa Auelua-Fonoti

The Regulator is the Head of the Office of the Regulator, who is appointed by the Head of State under the advice of Cabinet.

The responsibilities functions and powers of the Regulator are clearly set out in Section 8 of the Telecommunications Act 2005, Section 6 of the Electricity Act 2010, Section 7 of the Broadcasting Act 2010 and Section 23 of the Postal Act 2010.

Key areas under the jurisdiction of the Regulator includes;

 ·        Licensing
       ·        Type Approval of equipment for the regulated sectors
       ·        Dispute Resolution (Between service providers and                                    between service providers and customers)
       ·         Competition Issues
       ·         Interconnection
       ·           Universal Access (established under the                                                       Telecommunications Act 2005)
       ·         Spectrum Management
       ·         Numbering Management
       ·         Tariffs
       ·         Performance and Service Standards
       ·         Consumer Protections
       ·         Approval of Power Purchase Agreements and review                            of EPC Power Expansion Plan. 





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