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OOTR was established in 2006 under the Telecommunications Act 2005 to provide regulatory services for the telecommunications sector in Samoa. However, the Broadcasting and Postal Services Acts 2010 were recently approved by Parliament, which also provide regulatory framework for broadcasting and postal sectors in Samoa. These Acts require the Regulator to establish a fair, unbiased and ethical regime for implementing the objects of these Acts including licensing of telecommunications, broadcasting and postal services, promotion of new services and investment, consumer protection, prevention of anti-competitive activities by service providers, and management of the radio spectrum and national number plans.

Organizational Structure

Currently, the Office of the Regulator comprises a staff complement of eleven (11) persons. In addition to the position of Regulator, there are four (4) divisions:

  • Administration and Accounting Division - provides support in administration, human resources, and accountings services to the Office.
  • Legal Division ensures that the legal requirements under the Acts are complied with and provides legal advice on all matters relating to the Office.
  • Regulatory and Consumer Affairs Division - undertakes regulatory oversight, market analysis and consumer affairs functions. Responsibilities include overseeing licensees compliance with the Acts, monitoring the market for anti-competitive behavior, pricing issues, interconnection and universal access. The Division is also required to investigate and resolve consumer complaints and ensure quality of service. Establishment and maintenance of standards in broadcasting
  • Spectrum and Technical Services Division undertakes all spectrum management and technical duties of the organization, including monitoring the radio frequency spectrum of Samoa, monitoring of licensed radio operators and broadcasters for standards compliance and transmission quality, investigation of complaints of radio frequency interference, equipment type approval, and numbering.






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Office of the Regulator
      OOTR Building
      Mulinuu Penisula
      Private Bag, Apia, Samoa
      Telephone: + 685 30282
      Facsimile: + 685 30281
Email: admin@regulator.gov.ws
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